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My Town: Flooding organization planning summits begin March 18

My Town: Flooding organization planning summits begin March 18

WYOMING, Mich.—As spring creeps closer, the risk of flooding grows.

Parts of West Michigan are at a higher risk of flooding this year because of the record-breaking winter snowfall, which will melt when temperatures finally climb above freexing.  That’s why the American Red Cross of West Michigan is teaming up with local relief organizations and government officials to hold three planning summits, beginning Tuesday, March 18.

The summit schedule is as follows:

March 18, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Newaygo County Emergency Operations Center 
306 North Street, White Cloud

March 18, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center
2500 S. Division Ave., Grand Rapids

My Town Wyoming: Before it rains, clear your drains

My Town Wyoming: Before it rains, clear your drains

WYOMING, Mich.--    The City of Wyoming is asking for residents to help clear street drains and catch basins as rain moves into West Michigan. 

The drains need to be clear of ice and other materials so rainwater and melting snow can flow into them.  Blocked drains could lead to significant street flooding.

Catch basins are located along curb lines, most often near corners and low points on the street.  For more information, contact the city at (616) 530-7272.

Help firefighters by keeping hydrants clear

Help firefighters by keeping hydrants clear

KENT COUNTY, Mich.-- East Grand Rapids city officials are asking residents to help out firefighters when they are back out shoveling.

Here's the city's message from the latest East Express E-Newsletter:

"If you have a fire hydrant near your home, please consider helping the Public Safety Department by keeping snow piles away from the hydrants or shoveling out around the hydrant after heavy snows.  

Public Safety officers do make the rounds and shovel where necessary, but traffic issues, accidents and other duties may keep them from getting to all the hydrants in a timely manner.  If there is a fire in your neighborhood, seconds count, and taking the time to dig out a fire hydrant to attach hoses can make a difference in fighting a fire.

Funding deadline nears for communities impacted by flooding

Funding deadline nears for communities impacted by flooding

Communities impacted by the floods in April have less than a week to file their request for federal disaster money. 

In June, President Obama declared a major disaster in 16 Michigan counties, including Allegan, Ionia, Kent, Ottawa and Muskegon and Newaygo. The Small Business Association also issued a disaster declaration this summer.  Both declarations freed up federal assistance for homeowners, local governments and certain non-profits who were forced to clean up.  Homeowners and businesses had until Monday, August 12 to apply for assistance; city officials have until August 17.

The flooding caused $10 million in damage in Kent County alone.  Federal funding would help pay for debris removal and repairs to public property, roads and bridges.

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Snowplowing Reminder: Winter Operations and Odd-Even Parking

Snowplowing Reminder: Winter Operations and Odd-Even Parking

From the City of Wyoming:

It's snowy out there, so we wanted to remind residents to stay safe while driving and don’t crowd the plow truck. They’re trying to make it safer for people travelling on the road and need space to maneuver.

The city plows the streets and we contract with a private company to do the sidewalks. You can call and let us know if there are problems with either the streets or the sidewalks.

Odd/Even parking during snow season allows us to have at least one side of the street completely clear. The rules are a bit confusing, but are as follows: park on the side of the street in which addresses that are odd or even align with the date being odd or even. After midnight, your vehicle has to be parked on the correct side of the street for that date’s plow schedule. We don’t ticket cars from 7 p.m.