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Local Trail Report - Kent Trails West 1 | Sports & Recreation

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Local Trail Report - Kent Trails West 1
Local Trail Report - Kent Trails West 1

In the continuing series on local trails, this edition focuses on a small portion of the expansive Kent Trails system running from just South of John Ball Park to the West Trailhead in Grandville.

Starting down the trail to the South, inline skate (my choice of transportation) wheels roll along smoothly as you enter the canopy of trees.  A quick left turn brings you across a large bridge spanning the Grand River and on to Indian Mounds Drive.  The going gets a little rougher but is still manageable and very enjoyable.  The miles melt under your wheels, the river flowing slowly a few yards away, trees swaying overhead, and the occasional exerciser making their way past you setting their own pace.  Finally you reach a fork in the road, to the left the intersection of 28th/Wilson and Indian Mounds Drive, to the right the underpass for 28th/Wilson and a parking lot for the Grand Lady river boat.  The trail does continue a little further and ends around the Grandville Water Treatment Facility but that day the trail was flooded at one point and I did not fancy rolling through several inches of water with my inline skates.

Which brings me to the only negative I can muster about this particular leg of the Kent Trails.  When there has been a lot of rain in the area, the Grand River floods, and causes much of this trail to end up under water.  Ultimately, some silt and debris ends up covering parts of the road, especially the underpass, parking lot area, and trail past the parking lot up to the trail head in Grandville.  As with my review of the Musketawa trail, I would suggest that the trail is better suited for bike riding and walking/running, but as with my experience, it is just as feasible to consider this route as an acceptable inline skating session.

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