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Craigs Cruisers More Than Just Fun And Games | Restaurants

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Craigs Cruisers More Than Just Fun And Games
Craigs Cruisers More Than Just Fun And Games

Looking for a buffet other than Chuck E Cheeses or Cici's or any other pizza buffet? Check out Craig's Cruisers on Clyde Park. This past Saturday I was looking for something to do so I ventured to the local fun palace with the intent to just do a couple of stints in a go-kart. My plan was to then head over to Chili's or get some Sonic to take home and eat after. While I was staring at the big board over the cashier the light went off in my head as I was doing the math. 2 runs on the go-karts, total price $10. Looking at the board I saw a "Pick 3" for $12. It said Pizza buffet plus either a bunch of tokens or pick two activities. Hello! I said to myself. A two buck dinner? I cant even get a pop and bag of chips for that. I'm in! I had a 3 hour window to eat all of the all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta buffet they offer.

My expectations were not high so I figure any quality of food will do. Much to my surprise it wasn't bad. First I started with the salad bar. It had the typical salad bar stuff. on the opposite side there was hot soup. Tonight's du jour was broccoli cheese. I then grabbed my favorite fountain drink Mtn Dew and headed into the big sports room with a bunch of tables. I found a nice high top table near a TV so I could watch the Tigers vs. KC and Justin Verlander pitch.

My second venture up to the buffet was to get some pizza. I went to the wrong section but stumbled on a variety of pasta and sauces. There where garlic sticks and even some stuffed shells. Mixed into the fold was some chicken and potatoes and even some mac and cheese that I grabbed a scoop from.  I did finally make it over to the pizza selection and grabbed my favorite boring choice peperoni and a slice of meat lovers. However there were other choices to choose from.

After getting my feed on I saw a young lad walk by me with some soft serve ice cream. I thought, I got to get me some of that.

While I was putting away a absurd amount of grub the staff came by several times to take away the dirty plates and were very friendly.

Finally I was done and time to head over to the go-karts to work on my seat time and keep sharp with my lap times. I will have to say the extra weight from my dinner slowed me down a bit. Next time, karts first grub later.

As I was leaving i could help but ponder, Food, Go Karts (twice) all for less than I would have spent over at Chili's. What a Value!







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