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Wyoming City Manager's Blog - Public Act 312

Recently, the state Legislature approved some changes to Public Act 312.  Public Act 312 is the law that provides for binding arbitration should a city and any of their public safety unions fail to reach an agreement on an employment contract.  Basically, what occurs is the city and union are forced to hire an arbitrator and each side provides a “case” to the arbitrator on why their offer is satisfactory. The arbitrator then decides which case he or she agrees with.

The example above is a very simplified version of the process.  Historically, this law was enacted as an alternative to allowing a public safety union to strike.  From a cities point of view, this law has been flawed for years and has driven up the cost of government.  From a union’s point of view, the law has worked as intended by preventing employee strikes.

City Manager's Blog - One Kent Proposal

City Manager's Blog - One Kent Proposal

A lot of news reports and discussions are occurring around the recent One Kent proposal. The initiative, proposed by a group of business members from Kent County seeks to turn our region into one of the top 25 metropolitan areas in the nation by combining several local governments into one governmental unit. The One Kent group has been constructing legislation to implement a government consolidation model for the future.   I was asked to join a study group formed recently to examine the theory behind the One Kent initiative and to offer recommendations regarding the proposal.

City of Wyoming Presents Recommended 2011-2012 Budget

Wyoming, MI, Mon., May 2 - Curtis Holt, city manager for the City of Wyoming, will present the recommended budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year for discussion on May 2 at the city council meeting being held at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

The $99 million budget does not call for any major capital projects or any significant changes. It does recommend a shift of .30 mils from Capital Improvements to Solid Waste. The shift would not increase the current millage rate. A rate adjustment of 2.11% is also being recommended for water and sewer services.

Wyoming Will Bring Meetings to Internet

On a day when Governor Snyder made local-government transparency a condition for state funding, the Wyoming City Council increased its own transparency. The council approved a contract with Precision Data Products for streaming video hardware and service, with the intent of broadcasting council meetings live on the Internet. Community access station WKTV will use existing cameras to provide the video feed. Gail Sheppard, the city's director of information technology, anticipates that the service will be active in May.  
The system includes $6,100 in hardware purchases and $4,700 in annual hosting and streaming fees.  
During the discussion of the purchase, City Manager Curtis Holt explained that the service could encompass more than just council meetings.  

Economic Development Corporation & Brownfield meeting is cancelled in Wyoming today.

Wyoming, Mich (WZZM)- The Economic Development Corporation & Brownfield Redevelopment Authority meeting in Wyoming is

cancelled today.  It was suppose to take place at 3:30 p.m. There's no word on when it will be rescheduled.

However, the Wyoming Planning Commission meeting scheduled for tonight is still happening at 7:00 p.m.

Construction begins on new GFS HQ

Construction begins on new GFS HQ

WYOMING - Large earth movers and construction equipment is now on-site for the new Gordon Food Service HQ being built on Gezon Parkway.

The cornfield along Gezon Parkway between Clyde Park and Burlingame Ave. has been plowed over and is being leveled for the new buildings.  The current Gordon Food Service HQ is off of Clay Ave, also in Wyoming.


Parks & Recreation Commission meets April 13th

Parks & Recreation Commission meets April 13th

From the City of Wyoming:

Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting
Location: Wyoming City Hall
Meeting Description: Regular Meeting of the Parks & Recreation Commission
Date: April 13, 2011 Time: 7:00 PM