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Woman claims discrimination at bridal store | News

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Woman claims discrimination at bridal store

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - Many brides dream of finding the perfect dress with a best friend beside her. But maid of honor Stephanie Deible says her shopping experience was humiliating.

"We went up to the front door it said no wheelchairs allowed."

Despite the sign, Deible wheeled her way into Kim Kriners Bridal Shop and was greeted by a saleswoman.

"She just said it's kind of tight, don't know if you can come in-- the bride then said-- we'll go slow and make sure to move things around."

Once the girls picked out some dresses-- Deible says the saleswoman wouldn't let her in the dressing room with the bride.

"She goes I'm sorry you're not going to be allowed in there, Kim would have a fit if she'd see you in there."

Eventually Deible said the girls had enough-- and left the store.

"I don't feel like its right, I'm a living breathing being like anyone else in the world. I should be able to go into the store and look around."

Deborah Simmons, the sales woman at the store agreed to meet-- and has taken down the sign.

Simmons says, "We did have a sign out front said it's not wheelchair accessible but the intent was to let everyone know we're cramped in here and it's hard to maneuver."

Simmons says she was trying to protect the merchandise from damage sometimes caused by strollers-- and muddy shoes and didn't mean to hurt anyone.

"I'd like to say I'm sorry you felt bad being here and I wish you would have approached me when you were here to let me know how you felt, and we'd have taken care of it right then and there."

The store says they plan to change their approach.


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