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Wyoming City Manager's Blog - What's new
Wyoming City Manager's Blog - What's new

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As I go through my daily routine – shopping at the grocery store, walking in the neighborhood, golfing or watching some sporting event at a school or in the park -- people will often ask me what’s new in the City of Wyoming.  Many times I say same old stuff, and then it occurred to me that for most people my “same old stuff” is probably pretty “new.”  So I thought I would take a little space today and talk about some of the “same old stuff” that residents may not actually have heard of yet. 

On top of my “same old stuff” pile is Site 36.  We are now nearing completion of the demolition on the site.  I am sure if you have been by the site that you have seen a significant change in the landscape.  We continue to work closely with the Right Place Program to market the site and identify potential buyers.  The Right Place has assured us that the site has created significant “buzz” in the market and it is looking to report some public progress soon.  As I continue to remind myself and the Council, patience is important in the process. We want the right company or companies on the site in order to provide good, wage-earning jobs. 

We are also seeing an uptick in other economic development projects around the City.  This year started more slowly than last year ended, however, it is once again picking up and we are seeing numerous businesses expanding, talking about expanding or making new investments in equipment. 

What else is new?  As with each summer we continue to make improvements in our street system.  One project that has started and will cause some disruption for several weeks is the Clyde Park resurfacing project.  This project includes the milling and resurfacing of several miles of Clyde Park Ave.  I think you will all agree that this project is sorely needed.  At the same time we have intersection repairs continuing with MDOT crews now working at Ivanrest and 28th Street. 

We also are in the beginning phases of the implementation of the Silver Line Route on Division Avenue.  Engineering work is underway, while construction of stations and utility relocation will begin in the spring.  On 28th Street we have a group of diligent stakeholders still working to bring the “Turn on 28th Street” plan to reality.  Once again, the rumor mill churns relentlessly with regard to purchases, new developments and new opportunities.  We follow up to the best of our ability and hope to have some official announcement in the near future. 

Finally, the City organization itself is continuously working to improve and reinvent existing services to be both more efficient and more effective. We meet with stakeholders on a regular basis to discuss things such as police and fire dispatch, standardization of building codes and business licensing across jurisdictional boundaries. 

We expect to see the results of our ICMA study on Police and Fire Consolidation sometime this fall.  This study should provide some basis of cost-saving opportunities in the police and fire operation by working with our neighbors Grand Rapids and Kentwood.  We have recently worked out an agreement with Grand Rapids to do various water sample testing for them at our new state-of-the-art laboratory and we are now the fiduciary for the Kent County Dispatch Authority and maintain fiscal oversight for this organization. These last two are some examples of us selling services that we have available to other organizations. 

This briefly represents some of the ongoing efforts of the City of Wyoming. Many other projects are percolating; however, I will reserve them for the next time I talk about “what’s new.”


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