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Wyoming City Manager's Blog - Fireworks
Wyoming City Manager's Blog - Fireworks

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As we get closer to the Fourth of July, we are beginning to hear fireworks on a nightly basis – and that means our Police Department is getting calls on a nightly basis.  To enforce a violation, our officers must witness the violation.  It has become even more complicated as the State Legislature has now approved the use of fireworks in Michigan that were previously illegal.  As a result, you no longer need to drive to Indiana or Ohio to purchase the big booms. 

We are currently looking into local legislative action that may make the use of the fireworks more palatable for those of you that do not appreciate loud booms throughout the year.  However, that is somewhat of an uphill battle as calls for service for fireworks also compete for enforcement time with other more necessary calls.  Holidays are always extra busy times for our officers and, unfortunately, firework calls are not as serious as some other calls. 

I want to encourage citizens to take some action on your own.  First, if you are a person who enjoys firing fireworks, please talk with the neighbors and work with them to find an acceptable time for your “show” so that babies, dogs and people sleeping are not completely interrupted by your “fun.”  Second, PICK UP YOUR MESS.  Fireworks residue, paper, sticks, etc. are your responsibility.  Pick up after the show, even if it includes looking in other people’s yards for your mess.  Do not impose on your neighbors. 

Third, if you are the neighbor of someone who enjoys celebrating the fourth of July with fireworks, talk to them and explain your concerns.  I am always a proponent of open, honest communication.  Your neighbor might not know that you have a child who is upset by the noise or that you must work early the next day.  Work with them, do not threaten them and see if you can help yourself and maybe some other neighbors. 

While fireworks are not complicated issues, these can be difficult to resolve.  Neighbors working with neighbors are always better than involving the Police Department to resolve an issue.


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