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Former colleague to Schmidt: "Man-up" | News

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Former colleague to Schmidt: "Man-up"

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - A former colleague of State Rep. Roy Schmidt is urging the lawmaker to "Man-up and stop this nonsense."  

Rick Tormala, who served with Schmidt on Grand Rapids' non-partisan city commission, made the plea in an email sent to Schmidt and media outlets Wednesday.  

The note reads:


We have known each other for a long time and I know there is good in you.

Don't throw the Mojzak kid under the bus. Man-up and stop this nonsense. Tell the truth, apologize and either step down or announce you are no longer a candidate for office and let the GOP run a write in too.

Do it for the sake of your district, your family, all who have been hurt by this and to regain part of your own honor. It's the right thing to do and you know it.

Switching parties is not a problem doing it in a cowardly, despicable and dishonest way is!

Just watching that poor, duped kid being hounded by the media while his family gets hurt and embarrassed, along with your own family, is painful and sad. While you pathetically hide he has to work for a living. End this now Roy!

People will forgive you. When Chuck Colson was disgraced and jailed from his Watergate shenanigans his fall from grace actually helped him ascend to Grace and made him a force for good.

Pray over this, seek some spiritual counsel and do the right thing and be an example of repentance, courage, and humility.

Man-up my friend and do the honorable thing. Choose your legacy and your future wisely.

 How do you want to be remembered--- as Roy Schmidt the ambitious, calculating coward caring only about his political status and gaming the system, or Roy Schmidt a broken, imperfect human who made a terrible mistake but accepted the responsibility for it, told the truth, asked for forgiveness and put your constituents and duty first by doing the right and honorable thing?

Your destiny and young Matt Mojzak's reputation is in your hands.

There is good in you Roy show it now before it's too late.


Mojzak is Matt Mojzak, who withdrew as the Democratic candidate in the 76th House District two days after last Tuesday's surprise filing - a filing where Schmidt stunned everyone by filing as a Republican after being elected two terms as a republican.  

State police are investigating requests to look into fraud and election law violations in the case.

Late Monday, in an email response to a reporter question about Tormala's statement, Schmidt said this:

"I left the Democratic Party because of scorched earth, partisan shenanigans that did now allow me to serve the people of Grand Rapids in a positive way. I'm not sure why anyone believes personal, politically motivated emails are news when we have so many people in Grand Rapids struggling to make ends meet. My focus has been on helping the people of the 76th District find success and that's where my focus will remain."










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