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City Manager's Blog - Pit Bulls
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City Manager's Blog - Pit Bulls

Recently, the Wyoming City Council was approached by several citizens who voiced concerns regarding Pit Bulls in our community.  In reviewing these concerns, it has become apparent to Police Chief Carmody and other city staff that the concerns mentioned stem from owner responsibility and not necessarily the breed specifically.
Over the years, Pit Bulls have been both vilified for their aggressiveness and strength as well as highlighted for the abuse many have suffered due to owner neglect and dog fighting circles; we all remember the Michael Vick dog fighting story.
This difference in opinion is largely due to peoples’ individual experiences with Pit Bulls. At the time of the initial discussion, our city council heard from citizens who have had negative experiences with Pit Bulls and from residents who are current owners and find the breed to be a very acceptable and good companion.
As was reported during the council meeting, Pit Bulls are not the only dogs that illicit fear or have a reputation for aggressive behavior.
Despite your opinion about any breed or type of dog, citizens should feel comfortable and safe within their yard or while walking on Wyoming sidewalks.  Because of the concerns mentioned and our research into the issue, we have worked to refine and update our vicious animal ordinance and place a higher level of responsibility on the owners of all dogs or similar animals.
During our research, we found that vicious animal laws far exceeded any breed specific eradication laws.  We believe enforcement and subsequent costs associated with a breed specific ordinance would not be cost effective based upon the desired result.  In addition, we have no support from the county, who provide animal control services, or our neighbors in implementing breed specific prohibition language that would cross municipal borders.
The city council will be considering a refined ordinance in October. The ordinance would place a greater accountability on the dog owner and hopefully will serve as a reminder to owners of their responsibilities in keeping their dogs under control.

News, Pets, Politics