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Hot rods and muscle cars flood 28th Street for Metro Cruise | News

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Hot rods and muscle cars flood 28th Street for Metro Cruise

WYOMING, Mich (WZZM) -- It's West Michigan car lovers' dream. Thousands of classic cars, hot rods and trucks parading down 28th Street for the 11th annual Metro Cruise. You don't have to know the difference between an intake valve and a carburetor to get chills from the roar. It's something so American. So visceral and addicting. As you can see from the crowds at the first night of the 28th Street Metro Cruise.

"You get 15,000 cars, a quarter million people, great food, great weather you know what more could you ask for?" says Metro Cruise board member Gregg Howard proudly.

"It's kind of a junior Woodward Dream Cruise and I think it's just getting bigger and better every year," says John Engelhard, owner of a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner 440.

Engelhard has been to all 11 Metro Cruises. The last five with his Road Runner.

"My first car was a '68 Road Runner which I really liked and I had it for about three years and then sold it, turned into a baby and then I had a chance to buy another one here 40 years later and I went for the gusto and got the best one they had at the time," says Engelhard.

He loves his car because it reminds him of his youth.

Every owner here has a story with their car.

They are a part of who they are and it creates a competition.

Which car's the nicest, the loudest (rev) or what brand is the best... it's all on display.

"I'd have to say the Chevys are the biggest. Now a bunch of Ford or Mopar guys would kill me for saying that," laughs Howard.