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City of Wyoming Will Not Spray for Gypsy Moths in 2011 | Environment

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City of Wyoming Will Not Spray for Gypsy Moths in 2011

Wyoming, Mich., March 15, 2011 – Thanks to two successful years of spraying for gypsy moths, this year the City of Wyoming learned that it is unnecessary to spray for the foliage eating pests.

The completion of the 2011 survey by Aquatic Consulting Services, LLC, the organization hired to survey for gypsy moths, found that due to a combination of the City’s efforts and the gypsy moths natural cycle there would be no benefit to spaying in 2011. Gypsy moths have been sufficiently eradicated and the company says that no problem is anticipated.

Aquatic Consulting Services will continue to monitor the area for any changes in the gypsy moth population, but they believe the moths are in full retreat. Gypsy moths follow a cyclical nature, peaking and then declining for a year or more. It is not possible to predict how long the retreat cycle will last.

Gypsy moths became a nuisance in 2008, rapidly eating foliage throughout the city and leaving droppings on patios, cars, playground equipment and other outdoor surfaces. In 2009, in response to residents’ concerns, the City adopted a Gypsy Moth Suppression Program, which involved spraying Bt on affected areas. This process was repeated in 2010. Bt is a microorganism that produces spores as it grows. When the Gypsy moth larva eats the spores, its digestive system becomes paralyzed and the larva dies within a few days of ingestion.

Residents who remain concerned and wish to conduct individual efforts can obtain various products to treat Gypsy moths from local garden stores.