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Unusual vehicles at the 28th Street Metro Cruise | Community Spirit

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Unusual vehicles at the 28th Street Metro Cruise
Unusual vehicles at the 28th Street Metro Cruise

The most unusual vehicles I found at the 28th Street Metro Cruise this year are an odd couple.  One is tiny single-seater, and the other is a huge traveling show.

BMW Isetta:

The vintage BMW Isetta microcar is nicknamed the “rolling egg”.  These cars have a one-cylinder BMW motorcycle engine with a 4-speed transmission.  The top speed is between 53 and 55 mph and they can get 63 miles per gallon.  In 1958, you could buy one for $1,093.  The Isetta caused a sensation when it was introduced to the motoring press in November 1953 because of its unique appearance.  The small, egg-shaped car, with bubble-type windows, has one door which is hinged to the front of the car.  This Isetta was on display at the 28th Street Metro Cruise in the Sears parking lot on Saturday.

GM Futurliner:

GM Futurliner #10 was on display at Harvey Cadillac over the weekend.  This Futurliner was built in 1953.  It took a group of volunteers near Zeeland seven years to restore it.  For more information:  http://www.futurliner.com/

The Futurliner #10 was one of 12 built by General Motors for the Parade of Progress shows in the 1940’s and 1950’s.  The Parade of Progress was a traveling road show that brought science and technology exhibits to people across the U.S.  Each Futurliner displayed modern advances years before they became common place.  The exhibits included jet engines, microwave ovens, stereophonic sound, television, and many other innovations.