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Vote Today! It's your right and privilege | Community Spirit

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Vote Today! It's your right and privilege

Tuesday, November 2nd, is Election Day, and we as citizens should make every effort to get out and vote, whether it be at the polls or by absentee ballot. This is our chance to pick and choose the people we want in office. Citizens who feel their vote won’t make a difference and do not vote, have no reason to complain later on.

Wyoming voters have a proposal on the ballot to amend the Charter.  If this proposal is approved, it would allow Capital Improvement Millage funds to be used for some of the general operations where needed. This is your chance to voice your opinion.

I am always amazed when I read articles about how few Americans take the time to vote in comparison to people in foreign countries. Some of these people walk for miles to get to the polls to cast their votes. With an absentee ballot that we have available, you only have to make your choices and drop it in the mail

Make an effort to get to the polls this election.