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The City of Wyoming - Committed to Energy Efficiency

From: http://www.wyomingmi.gov

Some initiatives not new, but the right thing to do

A year ago, the City Manager issued an Energy Management and Efficiency Policy, and an Energy Efficiency Team was formed with a goal of reducing energy use by the City of Wyoming by 10%.

Water and wastewater services have historically had the greatest use of electricity and natural gas. Occupancy sensor light switches were installed in these facilities, as well as variable frequency drive motors on water treatment equipment. We altered building temperatures and revised process management strategies. Wherever possible, procedures that use a lot of energy are accomplished at night, when energy costs are lower. Even though the Clean Water Plant has doubled in size in the last few years, the cost of natural gas has only increased 10%.

Other City buildings are also making changes in heating, cooling and lighting to reduce energy use, and paper and plastic reclycing efforts have increased. The use of styrofoam and plastic is restricted, and the City bottled water program was discontinued.

Other energy efficiency changes will be more visible to the public. The City has received a federal grant of $683,100 to replace 500 street and pedestrian light bulbs with energy-saving LED lights. Annual savings of 271,000 kilowatt hours are expected, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 163 metric tons per year, and saving the City $23,000 per year at current electric rates.

For ideas how you can make your home or business more energy efficient, visit www.energystar.gov.